Complex Marketing Solutions For Blockchain Companies
We helped to raise more than 250 000 000 USD
Full marketing support of the project at all stages of development
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Crypto economy
Tokenomics. The economic justification of the token and White Paper development
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Community Growth & Management
Comprehensive community service, including development and support
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Exchange support
Negotiations with exchanges and full control of listing. Media support of listing among local opinion leaders and on industry sites
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Full PR support for Blockchain and & fintech projects
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About us
Pioneering crypto marketing agency since 2017. Consistently delivering best promotion for blockchain startups around the world. Our team of experienced and accomplished professionals is passionate for development and innovation and constantly creating the best possible experiences that are both meaningful for business and customers. The blockchain market is developing at a breakneck pace, and with it - the ways of promotion. We are always on track of the latest tendencies and most efficient conversion sources. The marketing strategy is being developed for each individual project guided by its unique qualities and wishes of the client. We only choose those channels that provide the greatest reach and information resonance. Our mission is to guide our clients towards the growth and thrive in this changing world.
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