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Introduce your ICO & blockchain startup to the community and establish strong connections with local partners and customers

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We build awareness about your project using the most relevant, authoritative and trusted sources. We shape the powerful media plan individually. We develop communication strategy based on the idea, unique features of your project and its objectives on the market.



Our experts translate and optimize your website, content and documentation so that information could be easily perceived and transmitted by local community. We highlight the key points and adapt the content for complete comprehension.



Unleash the deep potential of your idea through trusted, personalized channels. When taking decisions consumers considerably rely on reviews of competent opinion leaders. We spread a word about your project using the help of Russian bloggers with the target audience fitting your product precisely.



Promote your company in top rated Russian platforms like Yandex Direct, MyTarget, Google AdWords. We manually research, setup and test each campaign and reach best CTR with the minimum CPC and maximum ROMI. Using automated bid management for the most efficient and transparent budget allocation.



We build engaged Russian speaking community around your product, using the most popular social platforms in Russia: including Telegram, Bitsmedia, and Bitcointalk forums. We will communicate promptly with community members, giving qualified feedback to any of the audience’s questions and comments.



Let your business feel confident on remote market. Our team have deep experience in eCommerce: especially in promotion, advertisement and logistics. Helping you to find appropriate business solutions for your specific tasks. We know how to shorten the distance between you and your customers.


We know the market

Advertising activities based on specifics of local market.
Russia is one of the few counties, that utilizes alternative media and social platforms. The Russian speaking community is very active in the crypto-currency world and one of the most important players on the market. Our government seeks to develop digital economy and is loyal to blockchain projects.


Search Engines

Statistics of search engine transitions in Russia according to LiveInternet (as of June 2017)

Social Media

Statistics of search engine transitions in Russia according to
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Young agency with solid experience in digital. We believe that elegant marketing provide benefit both for customers and business.
Our innovative team of young experimentalists does a lot of testing and selects promotion methods and platforms with maximum relevant audience individually for each customer. When taking decisions we always rely on data.