Our main profile is global marketing and local marketing among the Russian-speaking community / marketing in Russia and Russian-speaking countries.

Our clients are blockchain startups, NFT & crypto projects and exchange platforms.

The Russian language is spoken by 300 000 000 people. We will tell about your project to the Russian-speaking population of the planet.

We will develop a unique package of services, suitable for your particular project.


Translations of the website, White Paper and content for media publications (articles, press releases, news, etc).

Community Management

Supporting Russian-speaking community in a separate Telegram group and other relevant Russian forums.


Native ads placements in chats and forums dedicated to NFT and crypto currency world.

Funds and investors attraction

Presenting the project to local crypto funds. In addition to raising funds, support of the fund and including your token in their portfolio before launch gives a good signal to the community.

Opinion leaders

Getting reviews and project support from local opinion leaders.

Event management

Organization of the roadshow in Russia.

PR in Media

Articles and press releases in top crypto-currency sources. Huge potential investors coverage.


Attract your target audience with the help of the best search engines.

Banner Ads

Real-time bidding advertising (RTB) on crypto-currency web sources or through thematic interests.


Official social network ads distribution. Embracing the most popular social networks.


We will register your project on all known trackers.


Stay in sight of potential investors.