Technical support

Comprehensive technical services for ICO/STO/IEO (ITO, TGE), including provision of full information, financial and cryptographic security.

Design of tokenization model

Design of the project’s tokenization model, maintaining technical feasibility and financial security requirements.

Investor’s dashboard

Provision of the investor’s dashboard in standard layout in standard colors in SaaS mode (Software as a Service)

We support the following secure nodes:

  1. a) Bitcoin Core (including all major forks, such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold); b) Ethereum (including Byzantium fork);
  2. c) Nem;
  3. d) Waves;
  4. e) Any other existing blockchain, at the choice of project teams.

The choice of the tokenization moment is carried out jointly during modeling of the campaign’s tokenization. Before the tokenization, the projects receive private investor dashboards, in which their investment transactions are reflected. Design and layout of the investor’s cabinets can be either standard or individual, according to brand-books of the projects.


Tokenization, including development, testing, audit, deploy (allocations in blockchains) of both smart contracts and software robots.


Comprehensive security enforcement on the “pay-level server” during the entire campaign period.

Our crypto-currency storage has a monitoring (hot) server on which secure nodes are deployed. The monitoring server is connected to the Internet. Private keys are stored in a secure database on a cold server that does not have an Internet connection. If it is necessary to perform transactions, the monitoring server initiates them, and accesses the cold one via a secure data bus, which contains both software and hardware control systems for the transmitted data. When signing transactions on a cold server, the monitoring server performs the initiated payments. The depository is secure, intended both for storing the crypto currency, and for ensuring the information security of campaign’s large issue wallets.

Node assembling

We assemble physical safe nodes on the turnkey base for storing and managing large crypto-currency assets, including issuing wallets, transferring them to the ownership of projects (in this case access to private keys is exclusively on the side of projects)